Blackbark is a workers’ co-operative. Between us we have a whole range of skills including coppicing and other woodland management practices, tree planting, teaching, carpentry, dry stone walling, and laughing at the smallest things. Here are three of us on top of some of our booty.

We set up Blackbark with these aims:

  • To create local employment
  • To spread, maintain and develop skills
  • To encourage the use of natural local materials in construction and crafts
  • To educate people about the advantages of using natural local materials
  • To ensure that ‘economically viable’ woodlands are also ecologically viable
  • To do all this within the context of the local community – if woodlands, local natural materials and the skills that go with them are valued in our community, then they will have longevity and will help the community to be more robust in the face of future change and challenges.

Contact us if you have any questions about woodlands, woodland management or assisting the land regain its health. Keep on checking back here to find out more!