Aseasonal yet oh so tasty…

Jacques with obligatory smoke in eye

Jacques with obligatory smoke in eye

Just to show how tough we are, and how wonderful our charcoal is, Blackbark had a barbeque on 13th March. And yes, it did start snowing at one point. But what a wonderful feast! Sausages from Paul Stansfield of Todmorden, asparagus, mushrooms, bell peppers and Nora’s now-legendary blood orange tandoori chicken.

Take good notice that Jacques is lighting the charcoal with nothing but a bit of scrunched up newspaper – no firelighting chemicals here! It gets up to heat very quickly and is virtually smokeless (until the sausages go on). That small amount of charcoal then stayed at cooking temperature for around forty five minutes, more than enough time to cook a huge meal for four on a tiny barbeque.

Nora can hardly contain herself with excitement...

Nora can hardly contain her excitement…

We produce charcoal from local hardwoods – mainly sycamore, oak and alder. The charcoal is stored in a dry barn and then bagged just before delivery so that the bags stay clean and crisp. Bags hold ten litres of charcoal, which is enough for a fair few barbeques. You will be able to purchase some of this wonderful stuff from a range of shops as soon as the weather picks up :) We’ll put a list of retailers up on this site. You can also buy direct from us, just give us a call.

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3 Responses to Aseasonal yet oh so tasty…

  1. rclamp says:

    Hurray!! looks fun. I keep meaning to get over for a coppice workers Christmas/new year drink…

  2. blackbarkers says:

    Any time Rupert! Even it’s a midsummer Christmas drink ;) And there’s exciting developments at Blackbark HQ we need to tell you all about!

  3. nora says:

    we should do more of this!

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