Large chunks of charcoal go into our BBQ bags. But there’s also a lot of small bits called fines. These little guys we sell as biochar – a potent soil improver.

Biochar is any charred woody plant material which is put into the soil. Its small particles are full of micro-cracks, fissures, nooks and crannies which absorb and store water, nutrients and microbes. It has many effects, including:

Charcoal fines – ‘biochar’

– Regulating soil moisture levels

– Providing a home for soil bacteria, fungi etc.

– Increasing soil pH

– Locking up carbon in the soil

Biochar can be dug directly into the soil, but is often ‘charged’ with nutrients first by soaking in urine or nettle tea, or incorporating into compost.

We sell biochar in 10 litre bags for £4.00.

How much do you need? Well, any amount will help but the more the better, up to one bag for each square metre of soil you want to improve.

For more excellent information about biochar please have a look at:

Gardening with Biochar FAQ

The Big Biochar Experiment

UK Biochar Research Institute

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