Get your timber from Hardcastle Crags!

Do you have a project in mind? Would you like to use timber from one of the most iconic local beauty spots, Hardcastle Crags? Well now you can!

The trees have been felled by the National Trust team as part of their ongoing woodland management, and we are very excited to be milling larch and pine on site during July.

Larch (Larix decidua) is a great timber for outdoor use – construction of sheds, firewood stores, raised beds etc. – because of its natural durability. It is also beautiful when finished for indoor use – it has a lovely contrast between its deep orange heartwood and creamy sapwood.

We can cut a large range of dimensions to order and the milled finish is remarkably smooth.

Get in touch with Nora on 07515 516399 or email preferably with a cutting list already made up. Order deadline for timber milled in mid-July is 2nd July. Later orders will be made up towards the end of July or into August.


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