Horse logging at Elland Park Wood

Peter and Nathan  shifting some sycamore

Peter and Nathan shifting some sycamore

This month we’re extracting material from our management work at Elland Park Wood – with a horse!

Peter and Carol work out of Bingley with their horse, Nathan (  It is the perfect way to move timber on this site: there is no good access for vehicles but the track isn’t too far away, there are lots of trees and obstacles to manoeuvre around, and we don’t want to damage the ground. There is a lovely rhythm to the work, you can hear the birds over the jangling of the harness, and it is a pleasure to watch an animal at work.

The wood coming off this site includes some lovely oak butts which will be planked up, a lot of top quality firewood, small wood which will be turned into charcoal and numerous twists and forks for the furniture makers.



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