Keith sees all his enemies in the log...

For a few days this week we have been like kindling machines. Very sweaty kindling machines: axe in hand, splitting, bagging, arranging logs, splitting, bagging, arranging logs etc etc. At a couple of sites (North Dean, Brackenbed) we cut a bit of goat willow and aspen. These woods are light and wet and have a low calorific value when burnt. They make an okay firewood, but since we sell our firewood by volume it feels a bit cheeky to put in these lighter woods instead of longer-burning sycamore or oak. However, willow and aspen burn quickly, which makes them perfect for starting a fire.

...Ha! All the enemies are split into small sticks!...



They also have an enormous vitality and generally spring back with loads of shoots and grow really fast. Which isn’t so great if you only want hazel or firewood in your coppice. But they will provide kindling for years to come. Willow catkins are also amazing bee food early in the year – right now in fact.

Our split kindling is neatly arranged in easy-to-use net bags (!) and stacked for maximum air circulation. These light woods season really quickly – the split wood will be bone dry in a matter of months.

...Keith triumphs by sealing his stick-enemies in net prisons. Victory!


Our bulging nets of kindling are available for purchase at £4.00 – order five or more and we’ll deliver them for free (within reason). Hopefully they’ll be available at a number of outlets around Upper Calderdale next winter, and Firebox scheme members can have them delivered along with their beautiful firewood!

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  1. rclamp says:

    Glad to see Kieth has defeated his enemies as I hear more enemies are gathering in woods near by….
    (good tip on bee food…)

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