Roll up! Get your timber here!

Sawn timber soon available from Blackbark!

 – good quality

– any sizes sawn

– quarter sawn available

– British timber only

Blackbark has a reputation for great quality firewood and charcoal – and now we are adding sawn timber to our range of products. Yippee!

Starting in winter 2013/14 we will be felling quality timber and for the first time in years making locally sourced planks, boards and beams available to our customers.

Species available immediately will be green oak and larch. During 2014 and 2015 seasoned timber will gradually become available. We have plans for felling beech, sycamore and ash in the near future as well.

Sizes kept in stock:

½”, 1”, 1 ½”, 2” oak planks (through & through)

1”, 1 ½” larch planks (through & through)

For any other sizes, quarter sawn timber and green oak beams please make your order in winter when the timber is being selected and processed.

For seasoned timber please order as soon as you can as seasoning takes time. The timber will be air dried.

Speak to us about species that you’re interested in.

Call Nora on 07515 516399 or email

This expansion of our business is possible thanks to support from Key Fund, who help social enterprises achieve their goals.

Mobile sawmill in action


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