STOP PRESS: Blackbark in woodland action shocker

Keith, delirious with coppicing joy

That’s right! After 18 months of crazy ideas, drunken plotting, tired meetings and interminable wranglings with the bank, Blackbark have finally got off their arses and made it into the woods. Woop!

We’ll be doing a fair amount of work at our four sites this winter, including establishing hazel, oak and mixed firewood coppices. Last week we were over in Elland prepping some oak which will make us rich (ha!) in 25 years time, this week we’re in north Halifax transforming a broadleaf mix into top-quality hazel coppice. We’ll be putting stuff (photos and useful information as well as me rambling) up on the website as we go along, both as blog posts and on our new dedicated Woodlands page.

Massive thanks to all the volunteers who have already helped out, and especially to Jacques (and his van and his winch). And also massive thanks to the woodland owners and the guys at the Council who have faith in this project. We’d still be twiddling our thumbs if it wasn’t for you.

All our lovely Firebox scheme members will be pleased to hear that the firewood is stacking up. I’ll post a photo soon to prove it.

Elland Park Wood. Thursday 10th.

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