The beginnings of tree surgery…

jacques up willow

He’s over the river there. Arghs.

Last week Jacques was to be found up a wobbly tree, hanging on ropes over the Calder. One of many pussy willows growing out of victorian retaining walls in Hebden Bridge, this one has not only damaged the wall but was also entwined with telephone lines, was reaching out over the river and blocking all the sun to this south-facing garden. Oh, and it was home to huge wisteria and ivy plants.

Jacques and Keith have recently completed their climbing and aerial rescue training, so are on their way to becoming fully fledged tree surgeons. Jacques completed this delicate willow job using a pruning saw for all aerial work, felling branch by branch. As his ground-based minion, it was a joy for me to watch the thoughtful procedures and complicated rope and knot work involved. It is certainly a job that suits someone so methodical and competent.

If you have small yet difficult trees to take down then get in touch for some of this wonderful service. In the near future both Jacques and Keith will become full-grown, chainsawing tree-climbers and will be able to safely remove much bigger trees.

Me, I’m terrified of heights. Staying firmly on the ground.



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  1. Liz says:

    I know that tree! Well, I used to know it… I now have a lovely sunny garden with a beautifully rebuilt stone wall. Many thanks, Hywel and Jacques, for your skill, artistry and professionalism. I won’t hesitate to recommend your services.

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