The Land magazine

I know it came out six weeks ago, but this still worth mentioning: Blackbark were featured in the latest issue of the marvellous Land magazine. This issue focuses on forests and woodlands, their ownership and use. There’s a nice page about alternate ways of earning a living from woodlands – half of it is about Blackbark’s Firebox scheme and Community Supported Forestry. Thanks to The Land for featuring us!

The Land magazine is generally full of important analysis about land access and land rights issues, most of which is not discussed in any of the mainstream media. It is well recommended. And you can get copies from us! We’ve got copies of the current issue (11) and some of the last one (10) for sale at £3.50. We’ll be happy to drop them through your door if you live in Hebden Bridge or Todmorden. Get in touch with Hywel on 07816 585661.


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