What does a cubic metre of wood look like?

A cubic metre of wood is a loose pile of logs which measures 1 metre by 1 metre by 1 metre. A good way to visualise this is to imagine one and a half large builders’ sacks of logs. Many firewood suppliers will sell you a much smaller load than we do!

How much wood will I burn?

If you have a small, efficient stove used in the evenings as a space heater, you may get through 3 to 5 cubic metres in a winter. If you have a large stove which runs for most of the day and is used for central heating, you will probably use over 12 cubic metres. A large draughty stone house will take more wood to heat than a small well insulated one.

What kind of wood is it?

Hardwoods. We do not include softwoods in our mix. The vast majority of the firewood supplied by Blackbark will be sycamore, beech, birch, ash or oak. We try not to include poplar or alder because they are not top quality firewoods.

Where does it come from?

All firewood comes from woodlands within 20 miles of our yard at Summit. This covers Calderdale, Oldham and Rochdale.

How do I burn it efficiently?

Only burn seasoned wood. Dry logs give more heat energy and are better for your stove. All firewood delivered by Blackbark has been air seasoned for at least one year. Logs should be stored in a dry place where air can circulate. Having a small store of logs inside the house or even next to the stove will help to reduce the moisture content even further.

Ensure the fire has a good supply of air. If flames are slow and intermittent, or the fire is very smoky and blackens the stove glass, then there is not enough air getting to the wood.

Supply air from the top. Light the stove with both top and bottom air vents open. Once the fire is going well, close the bottom vent and control air flow with the top vent only.

Choose an efficient stove. A lot of modern stoves burn wood extremely efficiently and also reduce particulate emissions, allowing the burning of wood within Smoke Control areas. See here for more information and links about burning wood, stoves and the law.

How do I join?

Simply fill out this form online. We will contact you with confirmation and payment details. You can also print out this form, fill it out and send it to us along with a cheque.

If you have any questions at all, please email firebox@blackbark.co.uk or call Jacques on 07815 905382.