Winter woodland work

With the year turning and leaves starting to come off the trees, we will shortly be back in some local woodlands doing some management work. The next two months will see activity at Hebden Hey Scout Hostel off Lee Wood Road, Centre Vale Park in Todmorden and North Dean Woods at West Vale. At Hebden Hey we will be simply removing a few trees which are overhanging a new camping and activity field. The Friends of Centre Vale Park have asked us to come back for another phase of the ongoing thinning work – removing a small number of sycamores in order to open the structure of the wood and increase light levels. At North Dean we are working with Calderdale Council to establish a coppice rotation. This year we will be felling an area of birch and hopefully planting up lots of hazel.

These three sites will produce most of next year’s Firebox firewood!

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